Service Notebook

By Joshua Tenpenny

The Service Notebook is a place to keep detailed notes about the preferences and priorities of someone who you provide personal service to, in order […]

Hell on Wheels

Disabled Dominants

By Raven Kaldera

In the world of Dominant/submissive and Master/slave relationships, new seekers often find an overriding ideal archetype of dominants, masters, and mistresses always being big and […]

Real Service

By Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny

In any consenting and negotiated personal service relationship, there are hundreds of ways in which the servant can make the master’s life easier, and the […]

Sacred Power, Holy Surrender

Living A Spiritual Power Dynamic

By Raven Kaldera

What is it like to live a deliberate negotiated power dynamic — a dominant/submissive, master/slave, or owner/property relationship — as part of one’s spiritual path? […]

Power Circuits

Polyamory in a Power Dynamic

By Raven Kaldera

Power Circuits is an alliance between two alternative lifestyles: polyamory, or multiple open and honest romantic relationships; and power dynamics, relationships that choose to be […]


The Intersection of Transgender and BDSM

By Raven Kaldera

Double-Edge: The Intersection of Transgender and BDSM is a smart book that tackles difficult, fascinating, controversial subjects with panache and compassion. It’s the latest public […]

Order For Discipline and Service Handbook

By Order For Discipline and Service

The Order for Discipline and Service (ODS) was a group of individuals who find personal fulfillment in the hierarchy and structure of consensual Master/slave relationships. […]

Many Hearts, Many Loves, Many Possibilities

The Polyamory Relationship Workbook

By Christina Parker (slavette)

This book provides a powerful tool for everyone seeking to look beyond their fears, fantasies, and stereotypes and step into the reality of polyamory relationships […]